Protect Your Vehicle

Protecting Your Vehicle

It is not uncommon to think about how you can protect your vehicle. After all, it's a pretty big investment! With the right protection, you can maximize your vehicle's value, keep it in peak condition for years to come, and avoid unexpected expenses along the way. 

At Heritage, we make protecting your vehicle as easy as possible. We offer a variety of coverages designed to give you a worry-free driving experience, and we allow you the opportunity to add the coverage online, without having to visit the dealership. 

Select Protection Bundle Vehicle Service ContractZurich Shield
With Heritage Cadillac's Select Protection Bundle, you can avoid expensive repairs for items that are not covered by a factory warranty. Select Protection covers damage to your tires and wheels from pothole and road hazard damage, minor dents, dings, and windshield chips, and lost or damaged key fobs.A Vehicle Service Contract, sometimes called an  extended warranty, protects you by adding coverage beyond your vehicle's initial factory warranty. It allows you to make a smaller payment up front in order to avoid needing to come up with a large sum for major repairs in the future.Zurich Shield helps your vehicle keep its value by ensuring that the paint and interior remain in top condition. It prevents damage to your vehicle's paint due to items such as tree sap, bird waste, and road salt. It also protects your vehicle's interior from the effects of spills, stains, and aging.


Tire & Wheel ProtectionMaintenance Plan
Wherever you drive, you are likely to face a variety of hazards from potholes to nails, broken glass and other road debris. Zurich's Tire & Wheel Plan protects you from these hazards and provides you with emergency roadside assistance.The cost of routine maintenance is an expense no one likes. However, Keeping up with regular maintenance helps to keep your vehicle running in top condition. We offer a variety of Maintenance Plans to cover the cost of routine maintenance.